Rubber base RB08 Pinky Nude - with glitter

KiKi London Bulgaria

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RB08-15 ml. Pink neutral color with soft shimmer for an impressive pink base.

The new generation of colorful, professional rubber bases developed by Kiki London have a unique composition that ensures durability, elasticity and maximum resistance.

  • A beautiful natural and neutral color
  • Recommended for weak and brittle nails
  • New and improved formula
  • Thicker consistency than regular bases, strengthening thin and brittle nails.
  • It provides exceptional coverage and creates a perfectly even surface.

This is a 3-stage gel system that requires the application of a base, a color coat and a top coat. With the new color bases, you have the option of a two-step manicure by skipping the color coating.


  • New improved formula based on new technology ensuring the best quality;
  • Advanced formula for maximum quality, your manicure will be perfect for a minimum of 21 days;
  • Fast curing time with LED and UV lamps, LED 30-60 sec; UV - 1-2 min ;
  • Easy application and removal by soaking with acetone or electric files.
  • Scratch resistant.
  • Recommended to be used with Kiki London colored gel polishes (optional) and Kiki London rubber topcoat.

We at Kiki London are proud that our products do not contain animal ingredients (vegan-friendly) and no animal testing was performed at any stage of product development (cruelty-free).