Loyalty program Kiki London Bulgaria


For Kiki London, our customers are the most important! Loyalty

And to show how important your loyalty is to us, we decided to make a Program Loyalty , to reward you every time you take the time to visit us and place an order! All you need is to have an account in the KiKi London Bulgaria online store (kikilondon-bg.com) and use it for every purchase, and we will give you points that will be converted into vouchers with real discounts !

You get 10 Kiki points for every BGN 1.00 spent.

And that's not all!

You will get a total of 250 points when you register and complete the profile, 100 Kiki points when you sign up for our newsletter, you will get 200 Kiki points every year on your Birthday...

If you like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/KikiLondonBulgaria you will automatically receive 100 Kiki points, and if you share our page, you will receive another 100 Kiki points.

We've also thought about Instagram, where you'll get a new 100 Kiki points if you follow @kikilondonbg.

In addition to all of the above, we have created a "Refer a Friend" program that will earn you 250 points and 500 points for each new customer you refer. You need to copy the referral link and send it to your friend, who in turn registers in our online store KiKi London Bulgaria (kikilondon-bg.com) and finalizes his first purchase!

All it takes to use the accumulated Kiki points is to click on Loyalty and select "Use Kiki Points", where according to the accumulated points, you will be able to choose the value of the discount voucher.

Copy the voucher code and press the "Use Voucher" button. The discount will be automatically applied to your shopping cart.

Legend of accumulated Kiki points:

  • 400 Kiki points = BGN 2
  • 900 Kiki points = BGN 5
  • 1,000 Kiki Points = Free Shipping Voucher
  • 1,700 Kiki points = BGN 10
  • 1,800 Kiki points = free product (different product every month)
  • 3,200 Kiki points = BGN 20
  • 6,500 Kiki points = BGN 50
  • 12,000 Kiki points = BGN 100

Points can be used by customers to pay for future purchases. The difference between the value of the order and the value paid in points is paid through some of the other options (cash on delivery, by credit/debit card).

You will have up-to-date information about accumulated points and vouchers on your personal profile page Loyalty at KiKi London Bulgaria (kikilondon-bg.com) . Kiki points are charged after the Customer has paid for the goods he ordered (order status - paid).

Please note that once a discount reward is activated, it cannot be deactivated or reused . Activate vouchers only if you are sure you will complete the order!

If you return a product, the points earned by purchasing it will be removed from your total points.

If you need information or questions, you can write to us at the e-mail address: info@kikilondon-bg.com or by private message on our Facebook or Instagram pages.

The received Kiki points are valid for 12 months, if during this period you have not placed an order in the online store, they are automatically reset, for which you will be notified in advance by e-mail.

In case of suspected fraud regarding the receipt and use of Kiki Loyalty Points or manipulation of the Loyalty Program, Kiki London Bulgaria reserves the right to unilaterally cancel any distribution or use of Kiki Points, without the Customer having the right to claim compensation.

Personal Data Deletion Policy - GDPR

The Customer has the opportunity to withdraw his consent to participate in the Loyalty Program at any time, as well as from other services offered by Kiki London Bulgaria, and in this connection the Customer sends his request by email to Info@kikilondonbg.com

If the Customer does not wish to receive newsletters, warnings and/or information provided for marketing and advertising purposes using any type of means of communication (electronic, telephone, etc.), he may request to UNSUBSCRIBE by pressing the relevant button , contained in all email messages or by sending a request to info@kikilondon-bg.com.

Date 24.07.2022

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