Christmas Wrap Mix - Foil for printing

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FB19 - Set of 10 pcs. unique Christmas printables!

Kiki London Gel Foil is used to apply foil to your nails. You can use any foils, but we recommend choosing Kiki London's for the best results!

Available in a variety of colors, patterns and multi-dimensional designs! Check out the collection here

Method of use:

Prepare the nail by applying Kiki London Base Coat and if you want colored gel polish.
Apply a thin but even layer of Kiki London Foil Gel. Be sure to cover the nail plate well and bake for 30 sec in an LED lamp (or 1 min in a UV lamp).
Then immediately apply a selected foil to the nail!
Press and rub foil with thumb or silicone tool, focusing on sidewalls and cuticle area.

Carefully and slowly peel off the foil, making sure it is tight. If there is an area of ​​foil that has not transferred, press back down, rub again with your thumb or press with the silicone tool, and then peel off again.
Finish with top coat and bake for 30 sec in an LED lamp (or 1 min in a UV lamp)*.

New Launch 🎉 Kiki London Foil Gel & Foils | How To Apply Nail Foils 💅🏼 - YouTube

We recommend using Kiki London Rubber Top Coat for a super long lasting and glossy finish.

* Note that the baking seconds quoted are based on using the Kiki London 96W Deluxe Nail Lamps.

You get:

Nail foil: 1m x 4cm (10 pieces included in 1 box)
Advanced and easy-to-use formula designed specifically for foil transfers;
Minimum 14-21 days long wear;
Fast curing time with both LED and UV nail lamps;
Easy application;
Scratch resistant.