Professional Deluxe 96w LED nail lamp

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Professional Deluxe 96w LED nail lamp


96w nail lamp;

Simultaneous burning of nails on both hands;

48 LEDs for full coverage and avoiding dead spots during baking;

Dual light source (365+405nm), stronger performance;

New compact design (ideal for storage);

minimum 50,000 hours LED life;

Attractive pink/red LED lights;

4 time setting options (Including: 10s, 30s, 60s, 99s, Low temperature mode);

Burns all types of gel polishes (including building gel, hard gel, UV gel);

Removable tray suitable for hands and feet (easy to clean);

1 year warranty

Suitable for professional use

What is the KiKi London Delux Nail Lamp?

Kiki London's new model Professional DELUXE 96w LED Nail Lamp is the latest innovation of compact modern design combined with the latest technology to safely and quickly cure UV/LED nail products.

This multi-purpose nail lamp is designed to burn all types of nail gels and extensions, including acrylic and hard polishes, as well as building gels.

In addition to its elegant design and eye-pleasing pink light, the lamp is characterized by high-quality drying/curing of UV and LED gel products, in the fastest and safest way possible, without burning sensation.

Ideal for both professional and personal use.

What does it include?

DELUXE 96w LED nail lamp

User Guide

Replaceable pad