Platinum Range Collection

KiKi London Bulgaria

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Platinum Range Collection! 11 colors/15 ml.

Includes 11 glittering colors for a perfect, stunning and glamorous manicure!

- Angry Bird PL01

- Modern Barbie PL02

- Pink Diamond PL03

- Lavender Haze PL04

- Blue wish PL05

- Frozen blue PL06

- Garden Mist PL07

- Golden Lab PL08

- Halo Ring PL09

- Rose Gold PL10

- Black frost PL11

You will receive :

Excellent pigmentation and shine with a super glossy finish.
Advanced formula for maximum quality, your manicure will be perfect for a minimum of 14-21 days;
Fast curing time with LED and UV lamps;
Easy application and removal by soaking or electric files.
Scratch resistant.

We at Kiki London are proud that our products do not contain animal ingredients (vegan-friendly) and no animal testing was performed at any stage of product development (cruelty-free).

The colors of the bottles do not always match the color of the polish. For color reference, see product photos on nails.
Colors may always vary slightly. This is due to different light, skin color and amount of layers.