Collection of colored rubber bases

KiKi London Bulgaria

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This collection will provide you with the perfect neutral range of colors for French manicures, classic manicures, and if you're in a hurry, you can skip the color coverage for a speedy 2-step gel manicure.

The new generation of professional rubber bases developed by Kiki London have a unique composition that ensures durability, elasticity and resistance.

* Perfect natural, neutral color

* Recommended for weak and brittle nails

* New improved formula

* Thicker consistency than regular bases, strengthening thin and brittle nails.

A 3-stage gel system that requires a base, color coating and top coat. With the new bases, you have the option of a two-step manicure by skipping the color coating.


* New improved formula based on new technology ensuring the best quality.

* Minimum 14-21 days longevity

* Fast baking in LEDs or UV lamps (30-60 sec.)

* Easy to apply

* Scratch resistant

* Recommended to be used with Kiki London colored gel varnishes (optional) and rubber top varnish Kiki London .